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Week 8 Stat Leaders

Player of the Week:
It's just a shame the Avalon School in Gaithersburg isn't part of the MPSSAA. Otherwise running back Rachid Ibrahim would've supplanted two modern-day single-game record holders. In a wild, thrilling affair last Friday night between Avalon and Model School for the Deaf, Ibrahim tied a record with eight touchdowns and set a record with 50 points scored. (Back in 2003 Dietrich Wright of Eastern Tech and Quentin Burley of Loch Raven both scored eight touchdowns in a game. They also hold the MPSSAA record for most single-game points with 48 apiece.)
"I was coming in real hungry because we lost last week," said the 6-foot-2, 170-pound Ibrahim, who's only a sophomore. "But this has never happened to me before. The line was blocking, the receivers were blocking and the coaches came up to me and said, 'We're going to keep giving it to you.' I said, 'Alright Coach, I'll keep going.'"
And keep going he did. Ibrahim rushed for 298 yards with scoring runs of 1, 44, 70, 3, 23 and 2 yards. He also caught a 66-yard touchdown pass and returned an interception 92 yards for a score. He tallied 32 points in the second quarter alone. All told, Ibrahim accounted for 456 yards of total offense.
"Some of it is a byproduct of our offense, but you can't just have an average kid out there running the football," said Avalon coach Jerry Sarchet, who mentioned he witnessed a 461-rushing-yard, eight-touchdown performance back when he used to coach in North Carolina. "Rachid is one of the hardest working kids I've had, and he's an even better kid then he is even a football player. And just think, he's only 15 years old."
Ibrahim's performance almost overshadowed the game itself. Avalon defeated Model, 64-55, in what may rank as one of the highest scoring games in state history. Avalon's offense racked up 617 yards (438 rushing, 179 passing), which is the seventh highest offensive output in Maryland history. Their quarterback, David Collins, rushed for 126 yards and a touchdown to go along with Ibrahim's 298.
What's more, Avalon did almost all their scoring in the second and third quarters, where they combined for 58 points. They had just one touchdown in the first quarter and didn't register a single point in the final 12 minutes.
A day later, Ibrahim was still shocked over what transpired.
"I've never seen anything like this," said Ibrahim, who now has 1,259 rushing yards and 24 total touchdowns this year. "Our offense was flowing, their offense was flowing… We called like every run play in the playbook and they couldn't stop it. I couldn't believe it. I've never seen an offense perform like this."
Ibrahim started the game rather slowly. The offense moved methodically downfield before he punched it in on a 1-yard score. His next five touchdowns would be much more dramatic.
Early in the second quarter, Ibrahim moved out of the backfield and lined up out wide. It caught Model off-guard.
"We did a little trips formation and I just went deep," Ibrahim said. "The quarterback put it right on me and I scored."
A minute later Avalon had the ball back again. After a few quick plays, Ibrahim broke away for a 44-yard touchdown run.
"It was one of our best plays -- a simple counter," Ibrahim said. "The line just always seems to gets their blocks down. That play always comes up big for us."
Model then scored off a long run to pull within 22-13. But Ibrahim extended the lead back to three touchdowns on Avalon's next drive. They called a "34 trap," and this time Ibrahim dashed 70 yards untouched to pay dirt. It was his longest run of the game.
"It was just a simple play. Our line blocked down and I broke outside," Ibrahim said. "Then it was off to the races."
The quarter was only half over and he already had four touchdowns, three in the second frame alone. But Ibrahim wasn't finished. He would rack up two more scores before the half ended.
Touchdown No. 5 came on a 3-yard run after a long, clock-eating drive. The quarter should have ended right there, but Model wanted one last shot at the end zone. They drove all the way inside Avalon's red zone before a fluke play cost them a chance at points. Not surprisingly, Ibrahim was right in the middle of it.
"What I did there, deep in our own territory, was the most amazing touchdown of the game," Ibrahim said. "Their quarterback threw it, the receiver tipped it, our free safety tipped it and I just came up behind everyone and scooped it up. It was just like practicing a tip drill. I grabbed it and ran for the touchdown. I'm standing there on the field shaking my head like, 'That's amazing.'"
The quarter ended with Avalon ahead 42-19.
Not much changed in the second half. Avalon received the opening kickoff and Ibrahim promptly scored his seventh touchdown of the night on a 23-yard run.
"It was a simple direct snap to me," Ibrahim explained. "The line blocked beautifully and I just took it up the middle."
A few possessions later Ibrahim tacked on his eighth and final score with a 2-yard rush. He received a few more carries but soon gave way to Collins in the fourth quarter. Model charged back with three unanswered touchdowns, but Avalon had the game in hand.
"This was a special night," Ibrahim said. "It will probably never happen again. It's not something you're ever going to forget."
Top Performers:
Vince DePaola, RB, Hereford: 228 yards, TD
Mark Venable, RB, Franklin: 103 yards, TD
Daquan Smith, RB, City: over 300 yards, 4 TDs
Marlowe Wood, RB, Riverdale Baptist; 204 yards; 3 TDs
Sterling Parks, RB, Riverdale Baptist: 102 yards, TD
Eric Barbour, RB, Catoctin: 126 total yards, 2 TDs
Nick Maxey, QB, Catoctin: 169 passing yards, TD; 50 rushing yards
Quentin Ezell, RB, Walkersville: 234 yards, 3 TDs
Kyle Miele, RB, John Carroll: 118 yards, TD
Ryan Kirby, RB, John Carroll: 98 yards rushing, TD; 85 yards passing
Donovan Riley, WR, Poly: 5 receptions, 120 yards, TD; fumble recovery on defense
Darrell Milburn, QB, Poly: 260 yards, 2 TDs
Gabriel Ali-El, RB, Poly: 147 yards, TD
DJ Kee, RB, Stephen Decatur: 170 yards, 2 TDs
James Anderson, RB, AACS: 112 yards, 2 TDs
Malique Johnson, WR, AACS: six receptions, 100 yards, 2 TDs
Chris Chick, QB, AACS: 255 yards, 4 TDs
Luke Baxter, RB, Kent Island: 112 yards, TD
Nick Rosati, QB, Arundel: 292 yards, 5 TDs
Joe Blackwell, RB, Arundel: 161 yards 2 TDs
Jack Gordon, QB, Arundel: 101 yards, TD; 57 yards rushing
Tyler Washington, WR, Arundel: 6 receptions, 113 yards, 3 TDs
Austin Stein, QB, Severna Park: 4 rushing TDs; passing TD
Demond Brown, RB, Old Mill, 120 yards, 3 TDs
Robert Chesson, RB, Old Mill: 127 yards, TD; 70 yard punt return TD
Justin Brooks, RB, McDonough: 118 yards, TD
Kenny Grimes, RB, McDonough: 100 yards, TD
Davonte Burke, RB, Southern-AA: 144 yards, 2 TDs
Connor Frazier, QB, Damascus: 175 yards, 3 TDs
Crusoe Gongbay, RB, Rockville: 135 yards, 3 TDs
Mark Green, RB, Quince Orchard: 119 yards, 2 TDs
Drew Murphy, QB, Quince Orchard: 115 yards
Dionte Jones, RB, Hammond: 134 yards, 2 TDs
Devon Paye, RB, Hammond: 163 yards, TD
Jeremiah Hendy, WR, Bowie: 3 receptions, 185 yards, 2 TDs
Jordan Maslanik, QB, Bowie: 132 yards, TD
James Mullis, QB, Broadneck: 97 yards, 2 TDs; 2 rushing TDs
D'Von Dorsey, QB, Friendly: 217 yards, 5 TDs; 102 yards rushing, TD
Sherrod Baltimore, WR, Friendly: 4 receptions, 168 yards, 4 TDs; 27 yards rushing, TD
Zimmie Nwaigwe, RB, Fallston: 166 yards, TD
Grant Kelly, QB, Fallston: 100 yards, TD
Trey Goode, QB, Joppatowne: 140 yards, TD
Tom Kuegler, RB, Bel Air: 144 yards, 2 TDs
Naim Reid, RB, Clarksburg: 149 yards, 3 TDs
Bene't Willis, RB, Paint Branch: 112 yards, TD
Earvin Anumgba, WR, Paint Branch: 9 receptions, 117 yards
Dave Smith, QB, Paint Branch: 136 yards, TD
Ben Daniels, RB, Smithsburg: 186 yards, 3 TDs
Mike Etzel, RB, Clear Spring: 110 yards, 2 TDs
Adam Mellott, QB, Clear Spring: 110 yards, TD
Andy Sigler, RB, Boonsboro: 100 yards, 3 TDs
Justin Jardeleza, RB, Boonsboro: 115 yards, TD
Hunter Phillips, RB, South Hagerstown: 157 yards, TD
Nick Stubbs, RB, South Hagerstown: 144 yards, 2 TDs
Reggie Russ, RB, Williamsport: 102 yards, TD
Brian McMahon, QB, Atholton: 66 yards passing, TD; 123 yards rushing
Colin Osborne, RB, Glenelg: 177 yards
Chris Papadopoulos, QB, Wootton: 277 yards, 4 TDs
Mack Hollis, WR, Wootton: six receptions, 127 yards, 2 TDs
Matt Callahan, QB, Northwest: 112 yards, TD
DeAndre Cooper, WR, B-CC: 3 receptions, 102 yards, TD
Tristan Pomeroy, QB, Northwood: 178 yards
Rayshawn Taylor, RB, Wheaton: 231 yards, 3 TDs
Tyler Holson, QB, Poolesville: 125 yards
Sam Taylor, QB, Watkins Mill: 106 yards, TD
Brandon Bayer, RB, North Harford: 186 yards, 2 TDs
Cody Turner, QB, North Harford: over 100 total yards, 2 TDs; 3 int. on defense
KK Smith, RB, Spalding: 178 yards, 3 TDs
Deonta Winston, RB, Patterson: over 100 total yards, 2 TDs
Aaron Overton, QB, Patterson: about 200 yards, 4 TDs
Todd Bonheyo, QB, MSD: 96 yards, 3 TDs; 2 interceptions on defense
Joe Riddle, RB, Linganore: 176 yards, 3 TDs
Ben Lewis, WR, Middletown: 6 receptions, 113 yards, 3 TDs
Sam Michels, RB, Middletown: 142 yards, TD
Michael Pritts, QB, Middletown: 151 yards, 3 TDs; rushing TD
Ian Fisher, QB, Brunswick: 104 yards, TD
Tyrus Lawson, KR, Brunswick: 4 returns, 206 yards, 89 yard TD
Eric Grantland, QB, Northeast: 192 yards, 4 TDs
Brandon Walker, RB, Glen Burnie: 165 yards, TD
Dan Mullen, WR, South Carroll: 117 total yards, 3 TDs
Anthony Nardo, QB, South Carroll: 260 yards
Mike Jones, RB, Winters Mill: 175 yards, 2 TDs
Justin Kozera, WR/RB, Wintes Mill: 168 total yards, TD
Brandon Soderstram, WR, Century: 10 receptions, 118 yards, 3 TDs
Ryan Throndset, QB, Century: 297 yards, 4 TDs
Corey Beam, RB, North Carroll: 105 yards
Bobby Conlon, RB, Liberty: 146 yards, 4 TDs
Kevin Price, QB, Liberty: 168 yards, TD
Mike Sadler, WR, Liberty: 2 receptions, 105 yards
Aaron Ames, QB, Baltimore Lutheran: 143 yards rushing; TD pass
Carlos Croslin, QB, Douglass-Balt.: over 150 total yards, 4 TDs
Zach Fetters, QB, Gaithersburg: 200 yards, 2 TDs; rushing TD
Rachid Ibrahim, RB, Avalon: 283 yards, 6 TDs; 66-yard TD catch; 92 yard interception return for TD
Tony Hale, RB, Westlake: 121 yards, TD
Cody Duffy, QB, Lansdowne: about 200 total yards, 4 TDs
Najee Green, WR, Gwynn Park: 3 receptions, 109 yards, TD
Zachariah Jefferson, QB, Gwynn Park; 156 yards, 3 TDs; rushing TD
Kasey Gamble, RB, Gwynn Park: 103 yards, TD
Ron Darby, RB, Potoamc: 139 yards, 2 TDs
Nyema Washington, QB, Suitland: 153 yards, TD
Chris Gregory, RB, Flowers: 114 yards, TD
Dakari Chisolm, RB, Flowers: 101 yards, 2 TDs
Montel Ijmah, RB, Flowers: 101 yards, 2 TDs
Connor Young, QB, North Point: 133 yards, 3 TDs
Darien Harris, RB, DeMatha: 114 yards
Shane Cockerille, QB, DeMatha: 102 yards, TD
Dorian O'Daniel, RB, Good Counsel: 150 yards, 2 TDs
Kevin Jones, RB, Bullis: 100 yards
Kylor Bellistri, QB, Bullis: 159 yards, 2 TDs
Nick Fields, WR, Bullis: 5 receptions, 100 yards, TD
Tyler German, QB, Queen Anne's: 108 yards rushing, TD; 2 TD passes
Shaquille Guyton-Jackson, RB, Surrattsville: 124 yards, TD
Jonathan Parish, RB, Fairmont Heights: 111 yards, 3 TDs
Uriah Bethea, RB, Wise: 111 yards, TD
Jamal Jones, RB, Wise: 118 yards, 2 TDs
Dequan Boatwright, QB, Bladensburg: 173 yards, TD
Bobby Gribbin, RB, Georgetown Prep: 226 yards, 2 TDs
Joel Jorgensen, QB, McDonogh: 258 yards, 2 TDs
Denzel Walker, WR, McDonogh: 9 receptions, 176 yards, TD
Evan Grant, RB, McDonogh: 129 yards
Taylor Michel, RB, St. Paul's: 149 yards, 2 TDs
Spencer Parks, QB, St. Paul's: 106 yards rushing, TD; 149 yards passing
Lamont Wims, RB, St. John's: over 100 total yards, TD
DeShawn Weaver, WR, St. John's: over 100 total yards, TD
Nick Peifer, QB, St. John's: over 100 total yards, TD
Dylan Clay, RB, Fort Hill: 108 yards, TD
Brian Chase, QB, Thomas Johnson: 153 yards, TD
Irvin Smith, QB, Springbrook: 133 yards, TD
Rico Djidotor, WR, Whitman: over 100 total yards, TD
Michael Spahr, QB, Urbana: 159 yards, TD
Blane Kleinrichert, RB, South River: 223 yards, 2 TDs
Lavon Chaney, RB, South River: 134 yards, TD
Paul Russell, QB, Annapolis: 139 yards, 2 TDs
Cody Douglas, QB, Chopticon: 242 yards, 5 TDs
Josh Gray, WR, Chopticon: 6 receptions, 160 yards, 3 TDs
Robert Jordan, RB, North County: 221 yards