Visit ahead for Teachey

McDonough athlete Josh Teachey has proven that he can play on either
side of the ball. This junior has hopes to continue his college career
catching passes and that has him motivated during the off-season.
"Right now, I'm training for indoor track. It has just been football and
track, track and football. I want to play receiver in college so I am trying to
get my speed up. Hopefully that will help make my dream a reality."
Teachey is hoping that individual improvements can also help his team rebound
after last fall.
"As a team, it didn't go too well. We were able to bounce back and get better
as the season went on. I got better as a defensive back and progressed at wide
One scholarship remains on the table for Teachey at this point.
"I have one (offer) from Toledo. I've been talking to Old Dominion too. There
have also been letters from other schools that are contacting me."
Teachey has a number of others aware of what he can bring to the table.
"I've been getting stuff from Vanderbilt, North Carolina, Duke, Michigan
State, Nebraska, and some from Maryland."
College visits are something that Teachey has done and is planning to do as
"I've been to Temple and I've been to a game at Maryland. On February 23rd,
I'm going on a visit to Toledo."
Teachey has no plans to pull the trigger and end recruiting any time soon.
"Right now, it is still too early to say. Maybe it will be this time next