Tulsa area team showing home-schoolers can play

As they walked off the football field following the game, members of the Tulsa (Okla.) NOAH Jaguars football team went their separate ways.
They had to: They are all home-schooled.
Sports provide one of the fabrics of high school life. Not wanting to miss out on that part of the experience, a group of home-schooled athletes in the Tulsa area formed one of the most unique high school teams in the country.
They don't have their own field, let alone a locker room. But they do have coaches, plays, uniforms - even cheerleaders. They also have plenty of victories and even a few college prospects.
To them, that's all they need.
"People underestimate us a lot," standout player Caleb Gastelum said. "We play regular high school teams and they don't understand that we are athletes. We are football players too."
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