Stat Leaders: Semifinals

Coaches are encouraged to submit stat leaders to MDHigh.com each week's game. The following is the list of stat leaders from the state semifinals, which will be updated throughout the weekend.
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RUSHING LEADERS (100 yards minimum)

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269, Coleman Blackston, Dunbar. On 27 carries with two touchdowns in a 40-8 win over Brunswick.
223, Carl Riffe, Huntingtown. On 26 carries with three touchdowns in a 34-6 win over Milford Mill.
167, Hakeem Holland, Edmondson. On 20 carries with two touchdowns in the loss to Douglass-PG.
135, Zach Welch, Middletown. On 11 carries with one touchdown in a 45-0 win over Elkton.
117, Stephen Osong, River Hill. On 17 carries with one touchdown in a 29-7 win over Urbana.
103, Derrick Kittrell, New Town. On 21 carries with two touchdowns in a 28-27 win over Perryville.
PASSING LEADERS (100 yards minimum)
262, Deryk Kern, Westminster. Completed 21 of 41 passes with two touchdowns in a 21-19 loss to Quince Orchard.
203, Collin Nusbaum, Brunswick. Completed 15 of 33 passes in the loss to Dunbar.
169, Matt Choi, Quince Orchard. Completed 10 of 22 passes with one touchdown passing. Also added 91 yards and two touchdowns rushing in the win over Westminster.
167, Devin Butler, Douglass-PG. Completed 7 of 10 passes with four touchdowns in a 34-20 win over Edmondson. Also rushed for 65 yards with one touchdown.
140, Marcus Smith, Meade. Completed 18 of 31 passes in a 40-0 loss to Wise.
107, Austin Altman, River Hill. Completed 8 of 13 passes with one touchdown passing and one touchdown rushing in the win over Urbana.
RECEIVING LEADERS (100 yards minimum)
132, Paul Harris, Douglass-PG. On three receptions with three touchdowns in the win over Edmondson.