McDonough sorting through camps

Bel Air offensive lineman Cole McDonough has been working hard this
off-season to prepare himself this summer on the camp circuit.  That effort
is something he hopes pays off considering all the time he has put in. 
"I've been lifting and doing agility training five days a week. I have been
keeping my grades up and trying to be prepared for the upcoming season."
McDonough feels that there is one major area that he has gotten better at.
"The most progress would be in my bench. Going into the season, it was around
265 pounds. Right now, it is at 310 pounds. I am going for 315 pounds when we
test out again."
There is a lot for McDonough to sort through on the college camp front.
"I'm going to Maryland, Pittsburgh again, and some of the schools I've been
talking to lately. It has been the Naval Academy and Ivy League schools like
Cornell, Yale, Columbia, and Bucknell. I want to see what coaches show me the
most interest and where I would have the best time."
McDonough has recruiting interest from a number of those programs.
"At this point, I'd say Columbia, Bucknell, Yale, Delaware, and the Naval
Academy. The guy from Navy came down and sounded very interested. He was talking
long term. The coach from Delaware was talking long term. I missed their spring
game because I took the SAT."
A favorite is something that McDonough is declining to name.
"Not exactly. I am still looking to see where I can get the best education
and play the best football. It has to balance out both ways to see where will be
the best for me and my long term future."