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Maryland's Top 165 in 2018 | Players 71-75

Maryland Varsity has updated our top in-state football player rankings from the Class of 2018, 1-165. Subscribe today and find out much more now!

Rankings Release Date

Rankings 76-80 - 4/18

Rankings 71-75 - 4/19

Rankings 66-70 - 4/20

Rankings 61-65 - 4/21

Rankings 56-60 - 4/23

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Top Returning Players in 2017 by Conference

Anne Arundel County Offense

Anne Arundel County Defense

Baltimore City I Offense

Baltimore City I Defense

Baltimore City II Offense

Baltimore City II Defense

Baltimore County 4A/3A Offense

Baltimore County 4A/3A Defense

Baltimore County 2A/1A Offense

Baltimore County 2A/1A Defense

Bayside 3A/2A Offense

Bayside 3A/2A Defense

Bayside 1A Offense

Bayside 1A Defense

Carroll County Offense

Carroll County Offense

Central Maryland Offense

Central Maryland Defense - 4/19

Howard County Offense

Howard County Defense

Interstate Offense

Interstate Defense

MIAA A Offense

MIAA A Defense

MIAA B Offense

MIAA B Defense

MIAA C Offense

MIAA C Defense

Montgomery County 2A/3A Offense

Montgomery County 2A/3A Defense

Montgomery County 4A - East Offense

Montgomery County 4A - East Defense

Montgomery County 4A - North Offense

Montgomery County 4A - North Defense

Montgomery County 4A South Offense

Montgomery County 4A South Defense - 4/18

Prince George's County 4A Offense

Prince George's County 4A Defense - 4/16

Prince George's County 3A/2A/1A Offense

Prince George's County 3A/2A/1A Defense - 4/20

Southern Maryland - Chesapeake Offense

Southern Maryland - Chesapeake Defense

Upper Ches Bay - Ches Offense

Upper Ches Bay - Ches Defense

Washington Catholic Offense

Washington Catholic Defense-

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2016 Postseason Honors

Junior First Team Defense

Junior First Team Offense

Junior Second Team Defense

Junior Second Team Offense

Junior Third Team Defense

Junior Third Team Offense

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2016 Postseason Honors

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