Fort Hill-Allegany: It sure looked like everyone was having a good time

Mike Burke
Cumberland Times-News
Spent part of Saturday afternoon watching folks file into Greenway Avenue Stadium for the Homecoming Game. Spent another part of the day listening to the Homecoming Game on the four radio stations that broadcast it; then the rest of the afternoon watching folks file out of the stadium to their cars before watching the delayed version of the game on television.
If you've surmised I didn't attend the Homecoming Game, that would be an accurate conjecture. I was in sick bay hatin' life. Stuck on the inside looking out. Hearing the roar of the crowd from three blocks away as I followed the game on the four local radio stations.
I can't say any one of the broadcasts was better than any of the other three, because I liked all four for them. They were all very good, each one bringing something different to the kitchen counter on which my radio was stationed. I must say, however, it amuses me to no end that roughly 21,000 people live in Cumberland and roughly 8,000 of us were in Greenway Avenue Stadium on Saturday, yet we need four radio stations to broadcast the same game.